The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Dominion 2020

Cody Kahne goes over the shocking results of New Japan's Dominion 2020 and some of the negative backlash there has been (very little of it). Also predictions for both Slammiversary and The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. 


A PodTFC Reboot?

Nah. Just Johnny Legacy joining Cody Kahne in Studio A to discuss Bound for Glory 2010, New Japan Cup 2020, and a lot of hypothetical nonsense. 


FBReboot Part 5

After a hellacious outing for the WWE loyalists at NXT Takeover they have a chance to right the ship going into the biggest party of the summer with a Title vs Career match to send John Cena home and keep the nWo from gaining any more power in what is an increasingly hostile takeover. Who wins the career vs title match? Who wins the women's true Winner Takes All match? And what do the following weeks have in store? The Smackdown Hacker returns with some surprising revelations. Open Challenges are the theme as some shocking returns come from the open challenges. 


nWo vs BC… who did it better?

The answer is the nWo. Not a spoiler.. that is an indisputed fact. Cody Kahne and ACO go over a few of the random stats for the 41 members of the nWo and the 39 members of the Bullet Club (39 MEMBERS!?). World titles. Hall of Fames. The future, the past, bookers, companies, accomplishments, awards. Who did it better? Also a run on news items and rants at the end of the show. 


FBReboot Part 4

the nWo invasion takes several serious turns as the battle for the soul of the WWE heats up. Former world champions join the nWo. Massive WWE stars take a stand against the nWo as we lead into nXt Takeover Boston and Adam Cole versus Finn Balor for who should be considered the greatest NXT Champion of all time. 


Happy *Bunny” Trails Taker

Cody Kahne and ACO discuss the career and accomplishments of the Undertaker after his surprising retirement announcement on Last Ride. Mt Rushmore's are discussed, Enzo and Cass, and the Hashtag Speak Out is touched on. 


FB101 The Reboot Part 3

In the continuing fantasy booking of the nWo modern day invasion of the WWE with John Cena at the helm... John Cena and Roman Reigns go one on one for the soul of the WWE at WWE's Extreme Rules: Souled Out. An old mystery resurfaces, new mysteries surface, new allegiances are formed to combat the WWE's invaders, and Triple H makes some startling moves in response. 


Backlash 2020

Cody Kahne has ACO in Studio A to discuss the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever... did it live up to the hype? What about the rest of the card? What did you guys think of Backlash 2020? 


FB101 The Reboot Episode 2

Cody Kahne and ACO continue their booking of the modern day takeover of the nWo. Chaos ensues.. John Cena has stepped back.The nWo continues to attack as new faces arise. Old alliances are rekindled. Enemies become uneasy allies. Allies begin to question loyalties. New faces turn to the dark side as we head towards Extreme Rules. Who will be the next to turn on the WWE and join John Cena and the new nWo? 


In Your House.. IN 2020!

Cody Kahne goes over the past week of wrestling as well as the brilliant NXT In Your House version of Takeover from last night.. including a retro-style intro song and VHS warped outro for the occasion.