The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Ep. 38 of WayBack

Slamboree has arrived and the Lethal Lottery is upon us. Who winds up with insane partners? Who matches against their own tag-team partners? How do Savage and Flair co-exist? BattleBowl crowns a new number one champion with the cruiserweight and heavyweight titles on the line. Nitro gives us the fall out of the Slamboree Lethal Lottery with a tag-team title and world heavyweight title defenses. Raw counters with pure insanity leading into next week's In Your House. Mankind and Goldust continue to harrass and attack The Undertaker and Paul Bearer while Shawn Michaels continues to dodge accusations of inappropriate behavior. Enjoy the storylines for the first time or follow along on this jog down memory lane on this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Bunny Trails 11: The One After X

Cody Kahne and the Trevinator discuss a wide array of things following some bunny trails as they come along. Booking patterns, the G1, AEW... there is so much going on in the world of wrestling. The guys discuss a ton of it in this week's episode of The Following Contest.  


The 101: Ep 52

The final qualifying week has arrived as the last chance wrestlers try to find their way into title matches. What big surprises arrive this week? Who goes for the surprise titles? Who is left to fend for the "left over" titles? The final weekly episodes before the huge reset PPVs is a wild one on Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


The G1 Begins

Cody, Trevinator, and ACO sit down to discuss the G1 and lose the track completely. This one went completely off the rails but as the old saying says "We're live pal!" The G1 does get discussed and so much more before microphone stands collapse and audio cuts happen. Enjoy the complete lack of focus. 


The 101: Ep51

This week's Fantasy Booking 101 continues the hard reboot of the WWE with every champion stripped and contenders lining up to get shots. Week three is full of crazy surprises and some returns. Which show is getting the better stars? Which show is looking the strongest? Follow along on the crazy ride that is the Hard Reset on Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC


Ep.37 of WayBack (May 13, 1996)

Another night of Nitro and Raw this week as WWF and WCW go head to head for the 37th week. With one week left before Slamboree what does Nitro bring to the table to promote the pay-per-view? Does Raw have a counter to WCW's go home show? Listen along to the story-lines for the first time or enjoy a jog down memory lane on this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC! 


Paul Bischoff vs Eric Heyman

Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are back. With the biggest news of the day, PodTFC goes over the Paul Heyman ECW days and the Eric Bischoff WCW days. What are your thoughts on the new direction?


Fyter Fest

Cody Kahne and Trevinator review the night that was Fyter Fest. What did they think of the matches and the wrestlers that AEW gave us for the nignt? What were your thoughts on the show? 


The 101: Ep50

The crazy gold rush continues for another week's worth of shows as Cody Kahne and ACO take you through another week of qualifiers for the vacated titles. Who tries to get their place in the matches? Who shows up and steals their thunder? What surprises await this week on The 101 from PodTFC? 


Ep.36 of WayBack (May 6th, 1996)

Nitro and Raw go head to head with Nitro again giving us a world title match while Raw gives us an Undertaker match main event. What chaos ensued this week on WCW and what happens with the allegation against Shawn Michaels on Raw? Follow along the storylines for the first time or enjoy a little walk down memory lane on this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC!