The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Eleven

Friday means Fantasy Booking 101 on The Following Contest and ACO is in Studio A with Cody Kahne to fantasy book Juice Robinson's return to nXt but as usual... it isn't just that simple. Bunny trails abound in this episode as Cody and ACO eventually end up with a general idea for Juice's return but wind up in twenty different directions as well. Maybe not as crazy as last week... but we have a feeling it is absolutely going to lead to some future insanity. Listen and we think you'll understand why. 


The State of the WWE…

After a quick discussion of how and why Jay White ended up trending WorldWide on Twitter, Cody Kahne goes on rant about the current WWE product, the good and the bad. The Krue then discusses his thoughts and ideas as well as who might be the next transcendent star within WWE and the possibilities of who Mr. America is and remind you once again.. Greg Hamilton is gold. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Ten

In episode ten, things truly go off the rails as Ashton Carmichael Osbourn IV takes the reigns and drives the horses straight off a cliff. Earl Hebner and twin, duplicated Nick Patricks, Shield, nWo, refs being put through announce tables, deaths and resurrections, horrible gimmick matches brought back to life.. a Finn Balor and Sting confrontation... even a Jimmy Hart appearance... we still aren't sure we know for sure what was happening. 

Time constraints and new technology attempts led to a less than perfect audio recording but there is no way we couldn't let you hear what happened on this episode. Let us know what you thought. 


Heeeelllll in a Ceeeelllll (You heard Vince’s voice) 2018

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to discuss the New Japan Pro Wrestling Destruction Tour and also go over their thoughts for the Hell in a Cell 2018 pay-per-view. Was this WWE's best showing yet? Someone thinks so on our show. Listen and let us know if you agree or disagree with their takeaways. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Nine

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy for part three of the three part fantasy draft series. Cody uses the roster he drafted in Episode Seven to book out a few story lines and matches from his fantasy Road to Wrestlemania. All the chaos of over-booking done the Cody Kahne way. Do you like where his story lines go or did you hate them? Let us know. 


“The Lethal Lottery… or is it Joker’s Wild…”

Cody Kahne sits down with The Krue to discuss what a Lethal Lottery (or is it Joker's Wild) tag-team tournament might look like if it were run today. Each member of the Krue put 8 names in a hat, and then names were drawn at random to come up with 16 unique tag-teams to compete for the coveted TFC Lethal Lottery Tournament Trophy (which... doesn't exist.) Some super-teams formed. Some unusual pairings came together. Who won the whole thing? The answer may surprise you. The Krue makes their official and highly scientific predictions for Hell in a Cell at the end as well. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Eight

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy after their initial Brand Split Re-Draft from last week to find out how Johnny Legacy is going to book the first of his fantasy draft roster PPVs. Johnny books out from a December PPV all the way through Wrestlemania. See what you think of this fantasy booked blue brand in this week's Fantasy Booking 101.


All In… All Done

Why should you listen to our review of All In versus anyone else's? Because we had it all. Reviews. Thoughts. Likes. Dislikes. Microphones falling out of stands. Cats loose in studios? Tony Shiavone? Mr. America? B-Team B-Team Go Go Go? It was chaos in the studio as Cody Kahne and The Krue (with newest Krue-member Tommy) attempting to give their thoughts on All In.. a wild one from Studio A. 


Lost Episode: Faction Action

Recorded in the wee early days of The Following Contest and lost to the annals of time, or so we thought, we bring you Faction Action. Cody Kahne sits down with The Krue to ask them a big question. Which faction or stable is the best in the history of the business. This open discussion runs through the history of the sport and over multiple companies. So who did the guys decide was the best faction of all time? Listen and find out. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Seven

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to redraft the brand split if it were happening now. A few surprise picks (especially number one overall) and some strategic drafting affect the outcome of this fantasy draft.Would you have drafted any differently?