The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Ep.3 of WayBack Wednesday

The time travel continues as Cody Kahne and ACO review the third week of the barely started Monday Night Wars. September 18th, 1995. What happened on Nitro? What happened on Raw? Would there by any changes to the upcoming In Your House WWF Pay-Per-View? Listen and see what you think of what they thought. 


The Lethal Lottery 2: The SHEquel

The Following Contest returns with Cody Kahne and The Krue sitting down for their second Lethal Lottery (or Joker's Wild) fantasy tournament with 32 women forming 16 randomly drawn tag-teams and competing in a single-elimination style tournament. Who gets drawn? Who was left out? With a few shocking choices, the Krue then decides who would win each match and work their way through the entire tournament. They also discuss Roman and Dean and bunny trail a time or two. Do you agree with their choices? Do you agree with the winning team? Listen and see. 


The Evolution Continues

Cody Kahne and ACO sit down to give their quick thought review of all the happenings and matches from WWE's first ever all women's PPV event Evolution. What were your thoughts? Did it blow the guys away? Did it blow you away? 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Fifteen

The chaos continues with the 32 man concurrent men's tournament happening. The 32 winners from last week's play in round compete in one arena at one time to advance through the insanity to become the one to win the most chaotic tournament setting on the planet. Run-ins and side fights and even a small faction war break out as the wrestlers all vie for true supremacy. Who battled it out? Who out-smarted some guys? Listen and see if you agree with who the guys decided won. 


Episode 2 of Way Back Wednesday

Jump in the faux-TARDIS and travel back to September 11th, 1995 with Cody Kahne and ACO and relive the first ever head-to-head of Monday Night Raw and WCW Monday Nitro. What happened, who showed up, what story-lines was each company presenting? 


Relive the Monday Night Wars as the unfold with Cody and ACO.


Bunny Trails 2: Part Duex of Two

The Return of the Bunny Trails as Cody Kahne sits down with The Krue to discuss wrestling. With no plan in place, the topics range from WWE2k19 to comic-con and whether NJPW or WWE is better to who the Krue would send to face someone outside of WWE and why Cody Kahne is such a dedicated supported of Rachael Ellering (Evers). Listen as the guys discuss topics and follow a few bunny trails. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Fourteen

Cody Kahne and ACO continue the tournament madness (did anyone tell them it is not March?) with a play-in round of 64 men. The tournament features 64 names from around the world and a wide range of ages and styles. Who made it through to next week's insane 32 man concurrent tournament? Listen and find out and see if you agree with their choices or not. Let us know what you thought. 


Ep.1 of Way Back Wednesday

Today Cody and ACO take a little trip to the past, this short minisode will be the first in a series. Watching the very first Monday Nitro this week and reviewing it. Each week on Wednesdays they will go through the entire Monday Night Wars Era. Listen and relive some memories with the guys as they time travel just a little bit. 


This Week In ALL Of Wrestling…

This week Cody Kahne sits down with ACO to discuss a very eventful week in pro wrestling. A cryptic message from Tommy Gun Tommy, a bit of review of all the happenings from Raw, Smackdown, 205Live, NXT and New Japan, a small update on the hunt for the real identity of Mr. America, and an annoucement for The Following Contest going forward. See what Cody and ACO thought of all that happened the past week and what it might mean going forward and more.  


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Thirteen

Witness the thrilling conclusion to the wild all concurrent 32 woman tournament fantasy booked by Cody Kahne and ACO IV. The participants and match-ups were decided on episode 12 of Fantasy Booking 101 and now the chaos begins (and ends)... who stands tall at the end of a brutal 32 woman tournament style concurrent match? You will have to listen and find out. What are your thoughts on the chaos and did the guys choose correctly who would win?