The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Ep. 20 of WayBack (January 8th, 1996)

Cody Kahne gives his thoughts on the 2nd week of Monday Nitro and Monday Night Raw in 1996. A revamped look and intro for Raw slightly mask the obvious fact that Raw has not produced a live event since a week before Christmas in the previous year still. Nitro continues the chaos of tensions flaring between warring factions and friends on the edge. Listen and follow the stories for the first time or take a jog down memory lane as the time-travel continues on this edition of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Bunny Trails 6: You CAn’t Kill The Bunny

Despite there being a chosen topic, things go off on the Bunny Trails style when Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down with the returning Tommy Gun Tommy. They start discussing releases and meander through multiple topics including renaming wrestlers, the current state of companies, the happenings around New Japan's latest round of shows and much more. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Thirty-Two

It is a Hall of Fame caliber episode of PodTFC's Fantasy Booking 101. Cody Kahne and ACO each choose a Hall of Fame class they would put if they were given the opportunity to choose this year's class. Which person who is still active made the cut? Who co-headlined the groups? Who thought they were getting inducted but werent? Listen and see what you think of this week's Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


Ep. 19 of WayBack (Jan 1, 1996)

Cody Kahne and ACO discuss the post-Starrcade Nitro coming to you live on January 1st, 1996 and the pre-recorded and oddly thrown together Raw from the same date. What were their thoughts on the long advertised but never explained "Raw Bowl" as well as the first title defense for the newly crowned 12 time world champion Ric Flair. What else happened on Raw and Nitro? Experience the stories for the first time or have a nice little walk down memory lane as the time travel continues on PodTFC.


Kofi Kingston is a Living Legend (and the rest of Elimination Chamber)

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down post-Elimination Chamber to discuss the show. There is so much more post-review too. Is Vince McMahon ribbing Jerry Jones? What? Listen to see what we're talking about. A lot of good thoughts and some good laughs. What were your thoughts?


The Rest of the Story (About the Tournament We Did Last Week)

On a special Sunday edition of PodTFC Cody Kahne and the Krue come together (albeit in intervals) to finish the remaining rounds of the time-travelly mixed match lethal lottery tournament from last week. Along the way to the final results of the tournament the topic of the Switchblade Era, Undertaker at Double or Nothing, and several other bunny trails come around. Be sure and listen for ACO's team names as he casts his votes throughout the tournament. Did you agree with the results? Let us know. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Thirty-One

Its Elimination Chamber time which means of course Cody Kahne and ACO end up booking a Raw vs Smackdown vs NXT World War 3? Well not exactly but yes sort of. The Elimination Chamber does actually take up most of this week's episode of Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. Who are your dream six to be in the Elimination Chamber? 


Ep. 18 of WayBack (The Road So Far)

Cody Kahne and ACO break their 1995 in-character review style (dare we say kayfa... nah) and talk about what they've seen in their 1995 journey with their 2019 eyes. Jeff Hardy and Rhino as local talents and the guys who seem to have the bright futures that will eventually fizzle out. Just a short discussion about the very early Monday Night Wars as they've seen it so far. 


Who is teaming with Who now?

Cody Kahne asked The Krue and some friends of PodTFC for lists but didn't explain himself. Here is the result. Listen as Cody reveals the largest most time-travelling-est Lethal Lottery Mixed Match Challenge Tournament of All the Times! Who made the tournament? Who got paired with who? Who do you think is going to win this one? Listen and see as the guys go over match by grueling match. Did Gillberg make the tournament? (Spoilers: Sadly no.) 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Thirty

In this week's edition of Fantasy Booking from PodTFC Cody Kahne sits down to listen to ACO book out a 1998 supercard between warring WCW and WWF. Sure its a classic booking idea but man.. it sure is a good one. What did ACO come up with in this one? Listen and see.