The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The (nonspoilery) Avengers PostGame WrapUp

Cody Kahne and ACO are in Studio A with a challenge... re-cast the original six avengers with wrestlers, they do an impromtu "Random Ten" (not a "Top" ten), and star rankings for most of the 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.. a lot is covered in this episode and there may even be a 3 Count. Who (or what) pops into their minds with their on the spot random ten wrestling things countdown? Which movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe did Cody thing was the best one? Who do the guys agree would make an excellent Tony Stark from the wrestling world.. sit back and enjoy this week's actually non-spoilery sudo-Avengers themed episode from PodTFC. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode 41?

This episode is not worth listening to because... Avengers happened. 

You were warned. 


Ep. 27 of WayBack (Mar 4, 1996)

With only one show on the air, Monday Night Raw has an opportunity to showcase their stars and what makes the WWF great as Nitro is preempted for the Gettysburg miniseries. What does Raw do to take advantage, or what do they fail to do? Listen along and see how the story unfolds for the first time or enjoy a little walk down memory lane with the latest WayBack episode from PodTFC. 


The Studio A Plus Experience

Cody Kahne has ACO, Johnny Legacy, and Trevinator in this week to discuss the relevant news of the day, the name changes, the releases, the future, the state of the fandom, the upgrades to Studio A, Tommy Gun Tommy's superhero origin story, Flair/Steamboat... we could continue listing but it would take too much space. A wild ride from beginning to end.. and did we mention the Great Balls of Fire review portion of the show? 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Forty

You won't be disappointed. Blame this on Johnny Legacy.. he said last week to get ACO in and "unleash the chaos" so that is exactly what Cody Kahne did. Chaos is a fine way to explain this week's royal rumble inside an elimination chamber that winds up with WHO as World Champion? Was the world title even on the line? Who gets stuck on the top of the cage? Which celebrities enter this monstrosity of a match? Trust us.. there is too much going on to explain it all. 


Ep. 26 of WayBack (Feb 26, 1996)

Nitro is live and once again Raw is taped as we face another week of the still fresh Monday Night Wars. Eric Bischoff is spoiled Raw openly. Billionaire Ted and Larry Fling continue. But there is wrestling. Sting and Luger. Road Warriors. Harlem Heat. Diesel. Ahmed Johnson. Yokozuna. Owen Hart. What did these matches lead to? What storylines were changed or continued? Follow along down memory lane or experience the story for the first time on this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC


Bunny Trails IX: Rise of the Trailwalker

With the expressed written intent of attempting to review Great Balls of Fire there is just too many bunny trails along the way to go down. Topics range from Rey being a Skywalker (Cody's note: SHE IS A SKYWALKER!) to a possible match between Shane and Greg Hamilton to re-casting the entire WWE champions list to the upcoming Dontaku shows to the best matches from Wrestlemania weekend to everything in between. Wild. Unplanned. This is what life is like in Studio A! 


Fantasy Booking 101: The E1 Tournament Part 6

The grand finale of the PodTFC's fantasy booked WWE version of the G1 tournament affectionately known as the E1 Tournament (See what we did there?) has arrived finally. Two men stand victorious over their blocks. Who comes out with a guaranteed (almost) title shot? Who do the champions have to defend their titles against after block match losses? Johnny Legacy reveals the winner of the first annual E1 and Cody Kahne provides some tournament analysis. Let us know what your thoughts on the entire tournament are. And as always thanks for listening. 


Ep. 25 WayBack (Feb 19, 1996)

In Your House 6 sees Shawn Michaels put his main event spot at WrestleMania XII on the line against Owen Hart and Bret Hart defend his title against Diesel in a steel cage. Raw has the fallout from In Your House and Nitro sees the continuation of the feud between the MegaPowers and the combined forces of the Dungeon of Doom and the Four Horsemen. Cody Kahne and ACO go over all the happenings on this week's edition of PodTFC's WayBack. 


The Week That Was Mania

To break down the insanity of the last three days in professional wrestling is impossible on one show. So with that knowledge we try to do exactly that and likely fail in spectacular fashion. With Mania, the G1 Special, and Takeover fresh in mind Cody Kahne, ACO, and Trevinator go over the crazy weekend that was. This is a unedited walk through of the events that you don't want to miss.