The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The 101: Ep 56

This week on the 101 ACO's wife was given the opportunity to choose eight matches she would like to see with any stipulations and any wrestlers in the world. What eight matches did she choose and how do the guys think the matches would play out? Not to mention the logistics of setting up for the series of matches chosen. Then the bunny trails strike hard towards the end of the episode as Cody calls what is coming in wrestling and you heard it here first. And what is a Nichlabraun?


Ep. 44 of WayBack

On the verge of the biggest match in WCW history, Nitro and Raw go head to head with no competing pay-per-views. The Outsiders make their presence felt again on Nitro as Shawn Michaels battles an old friend turned foe on Raw. What twists and turns are there this week? Enjoy a walk down memory lane or follow along for the first time on this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC.


Transcendence is Elusiveness

Cody Kahne is joined by Johnny Legacy and Ashton Carmichael Osbourn the Fourth this week as topics range from last week's unanswered question as Cody explains why he thinks the G1 got it all wrong to the brewing Wednesday Night Wars and include who might be Seth Rollins' next challenger and whether the heel/face dynamic is dead or if its even necessary in today's world of wrestling. Topical discussion on this week's edition of PodTFC with a few bunny trails and an unbeatable offer for a few key names. 


Ep. 43 of WayBack

The King of the Ring is complete and boy what a finish. Stone Cold Steve Austin has made his mark and fired his shots. Shawn Michaels defends against British Bulldog, Undertaker and Mankind collide for the first time in a match, and meanwhile the Outsiders wreak havoc in WCW as they continue their attempt at a "hostile takeover" of Monday Nitro. Follow along with the stories for the first time or enjoy a stroll down memory lane with Cody Kahne and ACO IV on WayBack from PodTFC


The G1 Giveth,,,

... and then its gone. Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to discuss the G1 in totality. Each person who competed and the storylines throughout the tournament and the finals. What were their thoughts on how it ended and who won?


Ep. 42 of WayBack

It is the 42nd week of direct competition between WCW and WWF on Monday nights. WCW presents the Great American Bash with the "outsiders" Razor Ramon and Diesel promoted to show up and be given a chance to compete against WCW's best. What other matches and developments happen? Did they reveal the three men who will face the outsider's and their mysterious third partner? War is on in WCW as the horsemen go to war with the Dungeon and everyone is on edge. Nitro follows the shocking events of the Great American Bash and then Raw features four King of the Ring tournament matches. Follow along for the first time or take a stroll down memory lane on this episode of WayBack presented by PodTFC. 


Slam of the Summer Time!

Cody Kahne and ACO discuss last night's Summerslam and their thoughts on the show as a whole and possibilities going forward or implications of outcomes. What were their thoughts of the overall show and how it all came out in the end? What were your thoughts? 


It Was The 26th Takeover

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy discuss the ups and the ups of Takeover Toronto Two. A Ric Flair bunny trail, the good and the bad of the potential future of the NXT brand going forward. What are your thoughts on Takeover Toronto Two? 


The 101: Ep 55

Cody Kahne challenges ACO with the big Summerslam rumor of the week. How does ACO respond and book out the given scenario? Cody gives his own version as well in this quick but full episode of fantasy booking on the 101 from PodTFC


Ep. 41 of WayBack

Cody Kahne and ACO discuss the final Nitro leading up to the Great American Bash and Razor Ramon, being referred to as The Outsider, and his big surprise who is none other than Diesel. How does Raw compete on a wild night for Nitro? Follow along for the first time or enjoy a walk down memory lane on this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC.