The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Takeover Survivor Series - AKA The Adam Cole Show

Cody Kahne discusses his thouaghts on the weekend that was. Takeover WarGames and Survivor Series and where WWE got it right and maybe a couple things they got wrong. What were your thoughts on the entire weekend from WWE? 


Ep. 53 of WayBack

The nWo continues to decimate the WCW as Raw moves to a random Friday with a Friday Night of Champions show. The rumors are true as the "fifth man" arrives for the nWo and it is a shock to the system. How will this affect the future? How does Shawn Michaels fare defending his title on the Night of Champions show? Enjoy the walk down memory lane or follow the story-lines for the first time with this episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Episode Number 123

Not really a celebratory number but neat nonetheless as PodTFC reaches episode 123 today. We discuss the transition of the Universal title into something much much more important with a new title name dubbed so here first. Upcoming Survivor Series and WarGames is a hot topic as well. There is much to hear in this episode as ACO contributes the big moment early on and it forever changes the Universal title. 


Ep. 52 of WayBack

With no Monday Night Raw to get in the way, WCW has all the attention as they continue to fight off the invading new world order. Shocking arrivals in the crowd may hint at a huge reunion or who the fourth man is for the new world order or even when the fifth man may be revealed. Nick Patrick's integrity is questioned even more as WCW Monday Nitro rolls on in this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC. 


The Fatal Full Gear

Cody and Trevor discuss AEW's  Dynamite and Full Gear, as well as an impromptu but honest breakdown from Cody about why Endgame wasn't as good as Infinity War. Add in a little Star Wars and what Cody's youngest said to the Walmart cashier and you have this episode of PodTFC. 


Ep. 51 of WayBack

WWF presents SummerSlam 1996 with Shawn Michaels defending against Vader and Mankind versus Undertaker in the first ever Boiler Room match. The Intercontinental Tournament starts on Raw the next night and the nWo continues to pursue their hostile takeover of WCW. Follow along with the stories for the first time or take a walk down memory lane in this week's edition of WayBack from PodTFC. 


The Off Topic One Where Cody Can’t Remember Anyone’s Name

Cody Kahne sits down with Trevinator to discuss the hot topic of the day. Saudi. The Fiend's red glow. The Universal Title. The AJ Styles US Title run. Agents of Shield. The World Series. Star Wars End of an Era? This and more on this week's edition of PodTFC!