The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The Studio A Plus Experience

Cody Kahne has ACO, Johnny Legacy, and Trevinator in this week to discuss the relevant news of the day, the name changes, the releases, the future, the state of the fandom, the upgrades to Studio A, Tommy Gun Tommy's superhero origin story, Flair/Steamboat... we could continue listing but it would take too much space. A wild ride from beginning to end.. and did we mention the Great Balls of Fire review portion of the show? 


Ten Years Ago: The NOT-Repeat

The whole PodTFC adventure started on a round table discussion about wrestling champions now (at the time in June) versus ten year prior (June of 2008). So as the new year starts and PodTFC looks forward to 2019 we decided to look back to 2009. Who were the champions at that time. Are we better off now or were we better off then? Is it all nostalgia? 

Also on this week's episode, a quick discussion of the greatest mask of all time, Mr. America's real identity, and much much more. Let us know what you thought of this week's episode. 


The Best PodTFC Award Show Ever Made

The Following Contest podcast presents to you for your listening pleasure the first annual PodTFC Mandatory and Obligatory End of Year Award Show Extravaganza! Including the MVP award and the inaugural Greg Hamilton Gold Award, listen and see who took home each award. Who was the best of the year? Who was the worst (in at least one category) and what were the guys thoughts on the award winners and arguably some of the losers? Awards for best hair and dance are mixed in with the best wrestlers and matches and PPVs of the year in professional wrestling across the board. 


And the nomination goes to… not ACO!

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy and PodTFC newbie Abraham Delacey Gioseppi Casey to go over at least some of the nominees and some of the categories for next week's upcoming PodTFC Annual Obligatory Mandatory Award Show That Only Happens At The End Of The Year. Who are some of the nominees and what are the categories? Some are out of left field and some a bit more traditional. Just a fun little preview of what is to come next week. Who do you think should win?


ThingsGivings Thanks

Johnny Legacy, ACO, and Tommy Gun Tommy sit down in Studio A to discuss a wide ranging list of things the Krue is thankful for. This is in no way your NORMAL thanksgiving list. This is a wide ranging list of oddities, match-ups, and moments that you will certainly enjoy hearing. Starts a little serious, goes off the deep-end of not serious at all, winds up in rapid-fire. We don't want to spoil anything but... (steinermathhappens). You've been warned. Enjoy and as always, we are Thankful you are listening.


Survivors Survive Survivor Series Reviews

Cody Kahne braves the vocal chord damage to return for one night only (hopefully not one night only) as he and ACO sit down in Studio A to drop some thoughts on Survivor Series and what all went down. The ever positive Cody actually disliked something? (Must be the month long illness.) What were the ups, the downs, the right, the wrong, the best, the worst? What are your thoughts? 


The State of the WWE…

After a quick discussion of how and why Jay White ended up trending WorldWide on Twitter, Cody Kahne goes on rant about the current WWE product, the good and the bad. The Krue then discusses his thoughts and ideas as well as who might be the next transcendent star within WWE and the possibilities of who Mr. America is and remind you once again.. Greg Hamilton is gold. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Nine

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy for part three of the three part fantasy draft series. Cody uses the roster he drafted in Episode Seven to book out a few story lines and matches from his fantasy Road to Wrestlemania. All the chaos of over-booking done the Cody Kahne way. Do you like where his story lines go or did you hate them? Let us know. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Eight

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy after their initial Brand Split Re-Draft from last week to find out how Johnny Legacy is going to book the first of his fantasy draft roster PPVs. Johnny books out from a December PPV all the way through Wrestlemania. See what you think of this fantasy booked blue brand in this week's Fantasy Booking 101.


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Seven

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to redraft the brand split if it were happening now. A few surprise picks (especially number one overall) and some strategic drafting affect the outcome of this fantasy draft.Would you have drafted any differently?