The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The 101: Ep 58

The 101 returns from a small illness induced hiatus with the long (eleven day) awaited highly (probably) anticipated booking of The Elite (plus Hangman Page) vs Evolution.. er.. the Horsemen... or.. well you'll have to listen to see how this one turns into a dumpster fire of a match idea in a hurry. ACO is up to the challenge Cody Kahne throws at him. Also.. Trevinator was there. 


The 101: Ep.57

Trevinator joins Cody and ACO with a surprise super-card. Cody and ACO book each match on the fly and decide the winners as best they can.. and somehow the show devolves into ATH style points show.. enjoy this episode of Fantasy Booking from PodTFC


The 101: Ep 56

This week on the 101 ACO's wife was given the opportunity to choose eight matches she would like to see with any stipulations and any wrestlers in the world. What eight matches did she choose and how do the guys think the matches would play out? Not to mention the logistics of setting up for the series of matches chosen. Then the bunny trails strike hard towards the end of the episode as Cody calls what is coming in wrestling and you heard it here first. And what is a Nichlabraun?


The 101: Ep 55

Cody Kahne challenges ACO with the big Summerslam rumor of the week. How does ACO respond and book out the given scenario? Cody gives his own version as well in this quick but full episode of fantasy booking on the 101 from PodTFC


The 101:Ep 54

On the finale of the hard reboot of the WWE, Cody Kahne and ACO discuss the matches and outcomes for every single vacated title on WWE's main roster and follow a winding and shocking path of the 24/7 Title throughout the show as well. Who wins the championships? What twists and turns are there along the way? Listen and see how this fantasy booked ppv In Your House: The Big Bang comes together on this week's edition of Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


The 101: Ep 53

The fantasy booking of the hard reboot of the federation continues as Cody Kahne and ACO bring you the NXT Version of the reboot fatal-fourway matches for each NXT and NXTUK brand titles. Who made the matches? Who wins the matches? Who are the next generation of champions to carry the brand forward? Enjoy a little bit of controlled chaos from PodTFC! 


The 101: Ep 52

The final qualifying week has arrived as the last chance wrestlers try to find their way into title matches. What big surprises arrive this week? Who goes for the surprise titles? Who is left to fend for the "left over" titles? The final weekly episodes before the huge reset PPVs is a wild one on Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


The 101: Ep51

This week's Fantasy Booking 101 continues the hard reboot of the WWE with every champion stripped and contenders lining up to get shots. Week three is full of crazy surprises and some returns. Which show is getting the better stars? Which show is looking the strongest? Follow along on the crazy ride that is the Hard Reset on Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC


The 101: Ep50

The crazy gold rush continues for another week's worth of shows as Cody Kahne and ACO take you through another week of qualifiers for the vacated titles. Who tries to get their place in the matches? Who shows up and steals their thunder? What surprises await this week on The 101 from PodTFC? 


The 101: Ep 49

After last week's earth shattering announcement of a total reboot of WWE with superstars free to cross brands to challenge for any vacated titles... let the madness begin as superstars begin to declare for titles and get challenged for their spots. Who gets in to their wanted title matches? Who shows up out of the blue to try to recapture some glory days? Who debuts on new brands? Is the new hard reboot better than a standard 'Superstar Shakeup'?