The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Transcendence is Elusiveness

Cody Kahne is joined by Johnny Legacy and Ashton Carmichael Osbourn the Fourth this week as topics range from last week's unanswered question as Cody explains why he thinks the G1 got it all wrong to the brewing Wednesday Night Wars and include who might be Seth Rollins' next challenger and whether the heel/face dynamic is dead or if its even necessary in today's world of wrestling. Topical discussion on this week's edition of PodTFC with a few bunny trails and an unbeatable offer for a few key names. 


The G1 Giveth,,,

... and then its gone. Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to discuss the G1 in totality. Each person who competed and the storylines throughout the tournament and the finals. What were their thoughts on how it ended and who won?


Bunny Trails 14: There Was No 13

In the latest episode Cody Kahne discusses a long list of topics with the Trevinator. The Usos, The Kanellises, the 24/7 title, Mojo Rawley, Braun Strowman, the status of Velveteen Dream, Brock Lesner's latest title run, Raw Reunion, the G1, AEW, Shawn Spears, the Street Profits call up, the Bray Wyatt repackage, the Fiend mask, Kevin Owens going "off-script", and more all get tossed up for discussion on a fast moving and quick changing topic discussion on this week's edition of The Following Contest 


Bunny Trails 12: The Trail Less Taken

Cody Kahne discusses the G1 with Johnny Legacy and the state of NXT and wrestling in general with ACO IV and finally gets something.. anything really out of Trevinator. The trails are full and turny as the episode continues. Plenty to hear and think about in this one. 


The G1 Begins

Cody, Trevinator, and ACO sit down to discuss the G1 and lose the track completely. This one went completely off the rails but as the old saying says "We're live pal!" The G1 does get discussed and so much more before microphone stands collapse and audio cuts happen. Enjoy the complete lack of focus. 


The Go Home Week Is Upon Us

Its the SuperbowlDaytonaWorldSeriesNationalChampionshipFinals week bigger than any other sport. An entire week of professional wrestling all culminating in the Grandaddy of Them All Wrestlemania! Preview and predictions abound as Cody Kahne runs down the cards and gets predictions and some analysis from Johnny Legacy and ACO on Impact: United We Stand, nXt Takeover New York, NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard in MSG, and the big one Wrestlemania. A few bunnytrails come out of this one too and the guys decide what to discuss on next week's show towards the end. Give us your predictions.


Fantasy Booking 101: The E1 Tournament Part 4

The E1 Tournament continues as we push toward the latter stages of the tournament. Only a few matches remain as wrestlers vie for the top spots in their blocks. Johnny Legacy continues to take us through the tournament as Cody Kahne provides analysis and predictions. Who is winning this tournament? We don't know yet. Listen and see how it progresses on this week's episode of Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


Fantasy Booking 101: The E1 Tournament Part 3

The E1 Tournament continues as Johnny Legacy takes you through the next few nights of tournament matches and standings with a few twists and turns you might not see coming. Cody Kahne continues as host and analyst of the tournament proceedings with a few on the spot predictions. Listen through the middle part of the tournament in this episode of Fantasy Booking 101 from PodTFC. 


Fantasy Booking 101: The E1 Tournament Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen the E1 Tournament begins. Nights one and two of the E1 blocks A and B. Four shows in one for you. Who scores major upsets? Who rolled to early victories? Who struggled? You don't want to miss a single match in this tournament from Johnny Legacy with Cody Kahne providing some analysis and predictions. 


The Best PodTFC Award Show Ever Made

The Following Contest podcast presents to you for your listening pleasure the first annual PodTFC Mandatory and Obligatory End of Year Award Show Extravaganza! Including the MVP award and the inaugural Greg Hamilton Gold Award, listen and see who took home each award. Who was the best of the year? Who was the worst (in at least one category) and what were the guys thoughts on the award winners and arguably some of the losers? Awards for best hair and dance are mixed in with the best wrestlers and matches and PPVs of the year in professional wrestling across the board.