The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The Rest of the Story (About the Tournament We Did Last Week)

On a special Sunday edition of PodTFC Cody Kahne and the Krue come together (albeit in intervals) to finish the remaining rounds of the time-travelly mixed match lethal lottery tournament from last week. Along the way to the final results of the tournament the topic of the Switchblade Era, Undertaker at Double or Nothing, and several other bunny trails come around. Be sure and listen for ACO's team names as he casts his votes throughout the tournament. Did you agree with the results? Let us know. 


Who is teaming with Who now?

Cody Kahne asked The Krue and some friends of PodTFC for lists but didn't explain himself. Here is the result. Listen as Cody reveals the largest most time-travelling-est Lethal Lottery Mixed Match Challenge Tournament of All the Times! Who made the tournament? Who got paired with who? Who do you think is going to win this one? Listen and see as the guys go over match by grueling match. Did Gillberg make the tournament? (Spoilers: Sadly no.) 


The Lethal Lottery 2: The SHEquel

The Following Contest returns with Cody Kahne and The Krue sitting down for their second Lethal Lottery (or Joker's Wild) fantasy tournament with 32 women forming 16 randomly drawn tag-teams and competing in a single-elimination style tournament. Who gets drawn? Who was left out? With a few shocking choices, the Krue then decides who would win each match and work their way through the entire tournament. They also discuss Roman and Dean and bunny trail a time or two. Do you agree with their choices? Do you agree with the winning team? Listen and see. 


“The Lethal Lottery… or is it Joker’s Wild…”

Cody Kahne sits down with The Krue to discuss what a Lethal Lottery (or is it Joker's Wild) tag-team tournament might look like if it were run today. Each member of the Krue put 8 names in a hat, and then names were drawn at random to come up with 16 unique tag-teams to compete for the coveted TFC Lethal Lottery Tournament Trophy (which... doesn't exist.) Some super-teams formed. Some unusual pairings came together. Who won the whole thing? The answer may surprise you. The Krue makes their official and highly scientific predictions for Hell in a Cell at the end as well.