The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The G1 Giveth,,,

... and then its gone. Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down to discuss the G1 in totality. Each person who competed and the storylines throughout the tournament and the finals. What were their thoughts on how it ended and who won?


Bunny Trails 14: There Was No 13

In the latest episode Cody Kahne discusses a long list of topics with the Trevinator. The Usos, The Kanellises, the 24/7 title, Mojo Rawley, Braun Strowman, the status of Velveteen Dream, Brock Lesner's latest title run, Raw Reunion, the G1, AEW, Shawn Spears, the Street Profits call up, the Bray Wyatt repackage, the Fiend mask, Kevin Owens going "off-script", and more all get tossed up for discussion on a fast moving and quick changing topic discussion on this week's edition of The Following Contest 


Bunny Trails 12: The Trail Less Taken

Cody Kahne discusses the G1 with Johnny Legacy and the state of NXT and wrestling in general with ACO IV and finally gets something.. anything really out of Trevinator. The trails are full and turny as the episode continues. Plenty to hear and think about in this one. 


Big Things Poppin’

Cody Kahne sits down with Johnny Legacy and ACO IV to discuss the weekend prior, AEW, Evolve, Extreme Rules, and the G1. What a time to be a wrestling fan. A good time, a bit of reflection on an amazing wrestling weekend, some ranting, some random praise for certain wrestlers. Listen and see if you agree about the crazy weekend. 


The G1 Begins

Cody, Trevinator, and ACO sit down to discuss the G1 and lose the track completely. This one went completely off the rails but as the old saying says "We're live pal!" The G1 does get discussed and so much more before microphone stands collapse and audio cuts happen. Enjoy the complete lack of focus. 


The Top Ten: Theme Songs

The guys list ten favorite theme songs count down style. Arguments about versions of theme songs and disagreement about the quality of iconic music. Bunny trails. The list goes on on this week's edition of PodTFC. Who were the number one songs? What is your favorite number one wrestling theme? 


External Occipital Proturberances

This week on PodTFC.. a breakdown of research into the fascinating emergence of the external occipital protuberances... okay.. they are discussed but there is actual wrestling rants and hypotheticals and the news of the day and much much more. Cody has a full Studio A this week with Four (ACO), Johnny Legacy, and the Trevinator in house for this one. Shane McMahon as world champion, John Cena is a competing company? Could these or other ideas come to fruition? What are your thoughts?


2019 Dominion

Cody and ACO break down the 2019 version of Dominion. Cody gives his star ratings including three 5(plus) star ratings which includes Cody's highest rating ever given. One of these matches earned a legitimate 7 stars from Cody. What were your ratings for Dominion? Do you watch New Japan? If not why not? Let us know. 


A Whole Years?!?

Cody Kahne has a conversation with ACO, Johnny Legacy, Tommy Gun Tommy, and The Trevinator about the most recent happenings from the world of wrestling and slightly reflect over the past year of what has been PodTFC in all its glory, goodness, and early day cringe. (Skip to 2:20:30 if you are just looking for Cody's star ratings from NXT Takeover XXV) Its a long episode, we're not going to lie, but we didn't want to put a cap on it for the year. Bunny trails abound. Other nerdly topics arise. And it all ends with a thank you to Dexter Morris, Cool Chris Coley, C-Mo, Abraham Delacey Gioseppe Casey, Tommy Gun Tommy, Joey T Vasquez, ACO, Johnny Legacy, The Trevinator, and The Producer for a year of The Following Contest podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue. Here's to many more guys! 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Forty-Six

It appears Cody Kahne has Survivor Series on the brain early this year as he and Jerry come up with multiple possible Survivor Series teams including teams for WWE, AEW, New Japan, NXT, TNA, Legends from WCW, WWF, TNA. Who would you put in your teams?