The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The 101: Ep 59

Its DRAFT DAY! Today the WWE Drafts new superstars to each brand Raw and Smackdown.. so in anticipation of that Cody and ACO get out the old TARDIS to draft rosters from any time period. The 2019 Time-Travel Wrestling Roster Draft of 2019 is live for you and the picks get... a little... wibbly(?) so you definitely do not want to miss this one episode of the 101 from PodTFC.


Ep. 49 of WayBack

Raw steps up the game with a chaotic brawl between two of their biggest stars while a battle royal happens in the ring while the nWo toys with WCW at best. What message does the nWo have for the WCW? Who declares war on the nWo? Follow along for the first time or enjoy a jog down memory lane with this episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Armageddon 2002 Plus

Cody Kahne has ACO and Johnny Legacy in Studio A to discuss the insane week of wrestling that was.. The premiere of Dynamite. NXT Live on USA. Raw's season premiere. The debut of Smackdown of FOX! They go over the highs and lows of each and some of the big surprises that happened and the one that didn't... and they go over the Hall of Fame PACKED show that was Armageddon 2002... and the fourth wall is torn down, ground up, disintegrated.. and put in a blender and frappe'd. Time and space may have been slightly damaged but it seems to be okay. Enjoy as the show goes off the rails. 


Ep. 48 of WayBack

With the nWo in full attack mode, the Outsiders make their presence known even more forcefully with an all out assault on the backstage area at Nitro leaving several WCW wrestlers injured. How does RAW try to counter-program such an intense story? Raw marches toward Summerslam and WCW's battle with the invading nWo is headed for Hogg Wild. Follow the story for the first time or enjoy a jog down memory lane with this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC


Wednesnight Wars

Its the WednesNight Wars! AEW goes head to head with NXT this week with the launch of Dynamite. Also discussed this week, predictions for all the title matches featured on Wednesday night. The possibility of an nWo style invasion story from any company into any other company at this time, and whether ACO would say the things he says on the show to certain wrestlers faces. It all wraps up on a discussion of Wyoming and the rodeo...?.. Sure. 


Ep. 47 of WayBack

WWF In Your House: International Incident brings us the return of Psycho Sid and renews the rivalry of Undertaker and Goldust as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Wildman Marc Mero. What does the show bring to the monday night wars and what does the nWo get up to on this week's Nitro? Follow along for the first time or walk down memory lane with this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Ep. 46 of WayBack

One week removed from the biggest shock in 1996 at WCW's  Bash at the Beach "Hollywood" Hogan makes his first appearance on Nitro since his big betrayal. How does the WWF counter? Can they counter such a story? Listen along for a walk down memory lane or live the story for the first time with this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC


Ep. 45 of WayBack (Bash at the Beach 1996)

Cody and ACO talk about all the happenings from the 1996 Bash at the Beach including the absolutely earth shattering reveal of the "third man" to join the "outsiders" in their "hostile takeover" attempt in WCW. The big reveal, the repercussions and fallout the next night as the new world order is revealed and the moment that will change wrestling forever.. also Monday Night Raw happened. Enjoy following the storyline for the first time or enjoy a walk down memory lane with this episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Twenty-Five

Cody Kahne and ACO discuss what a modern day version of the new world order might look like if it started today instead of in 1996. Who starts the ball rolling? Who is the major heel turn? Who joins to boost their career? See if you agree with the choices they made on Fantasy Booking 101.