The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Ep.30 of WayBack (Mar 24, 1996)

WCW attempts to change the history of professional wrestling with the Tower of Doom, a three story monstrosity of a cage featuring 10 wrestlers in four sectioned cages. A Chicago street fight featuring the Road Warriors who have never lost a Chicago street fight, and so much more. Then Nitro and Raw go head to head just six days before Wrestlemania XII. Take a walk down memory lane or enjoy the story for the first time as you enjoy this episode of WayBack by PodTFC. 


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Thirteen

Witness the thrilling conclusion to the wild all concurrent 32 woman tournament fantasy booked by Cody Kahne and ACO IV. The participants and match-ups were decided on episode 12 of Fantasy Booking 101 and now the chaos begins (and ends)... who stands tall at the end of a brutal 32 woman tournament style concurrent match? You will have to listen and find out. What are your thoughts on the chaos and did the guys choose correctly who would win?


Fantasy Booking 101.. Episode Ten

In episode ten, things truly go off the rails as Ashton Carmichael Osbourn IV takes the reigns and drives the horses straight off a cliff. Earl Hebner and twin, duplicated Nick Patricks, Shield, nWo, refs being put through announce tables, deaths and resurrections, horrible gimmick matches brought back to life.. a Finn Balor and Sting confrontation... even a Jimmy Hart appearance... we still aren't sure we know for sure what was happening. 

Time constraints and new technology attempts led to a less than perfect audio recording but there is no way we couldn't let you hear what happened on this episode. Let us know what you thought.