The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


The Best PodTFC Award Show Ever Made

The Following Contest podcast presents to you for your listening pleasure the first annual PodTFC Mandatory and Obligatory End of Year Award Show Extravaganza! Including the MVP award and the inaugural Greg Hamilton Gold Award, listen and see who took home each award. Who was the best of the year? Who was the worst (in at least one category) and what were the guys thoughts on the award winners and arguably some of the losers? Awards for best hair and dance are mixed in with the best wrestlers and matches and PPVs of the year in professional wrestling across the board. 


On a talkabout… WWE SuperShowDown

Cody Kahne sits down with The Krue to discuss WWE Super Showdown. Trevinator reveals who he took to Hell in a Cell live and gives some thoughts on the red cage. Then the guys discuss WWE Super Showdown in detail including but not limited to Triple H's toughest battle of the night, John Cena's hair, cutting promos in Mandarin, and more. The Krue's opinions varied greatly on the success of the show with grades ranging from C- all the way up to an A. Listen and find out what the Krue thought of the show before the release tomorrow of The Krue's Top Ten Women Wrestlers lists.