The Following Contest.. A Wrestling Podcast featuring Cody Kahne and The Krue


Ep. 31 of WayBack (April 1, 1996)

With Uncensored in the rear-view mirror the WWF counters with Wrestlemania XII and the backlot brawl and the one hour iron man match. In an absolute display of dominance, the WWF outshines the WCW in every way with their spectacle that is Wrestlemania. Does WCW put up any fight at all this week or does WWF run away with it? Take a stroll down memory lane or follow along for the first time on this week's episode of WayBack from PodTFC. 


Ep.30 of WayBack (Mar 24, 1996)

WCW attempts to change the history of professional wrestling with the Tower of Doom, a three story monstrosity of a cage featuring 10 wrestlers in four sectioned cages. A Chicago street fight featuring the Road Warriors who have never lost a Chicago street fight, and so much more. Then Nitro and Raw go head to head just six days before Wrestlemania XII. Take a walk down memory lane or enjoy the story for the first time as you enjoy this episode of WayBack by PodTFC. 


The Week That Was Mania

To break down the insanity of the last three days in professional wrestling is impossible on one show. So with that knowledge we try to do exactly that and likely fail in spectacular fashion. With Mania, the G1 Special, and Takeover fresh in mind Cody Kahne, ACO, and Trevinator go over the crazy weekend that was. This is a unedited walk through of the events that you don't want to miss. 


The Go Home Week Is Upon Us

Its the SuperbowlDaytonaWorldSeriesNationalChampionshipFinals week bigger than any other sport. An entire week of professional wrestling all culminating in the Grandaddy of Them All Wrestlemania! Preview and predictions abound as Cody Kahne runs down the cards and gets predictions and some analysis from Johnny Legacy and ACO on Impact: United We Stand, nXt Takeover New York, NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard in MSG, and the big one Wrestlemania. A few bunnytrails come out of this one too and the guys decide what to discuss on next week's show towards the end. Give us your predictions.


Johnny Legacy’s Wrestlemania Top Ten Matches List

Don't let the title fool you.. yes it is Johnny Legacy's Wrestlemania Top Ten List.. but there is so much more in this episode than just that. It is the center-piece for a bunny trail laden episode that starts with fond memories of house shows gone by and ends with Goldust winning the Royal Rumble next year to go on to win his first world title match. What are some of your all time favorite Wrestlemania matchups? Will this year have one of those matches? 


Mania X-Seven

Cody Kahne, Johnny Legacy, and ACO discuss Wrestlemania X-Seven, considered by many to be the best mania of all time.. Cody Kahne's first time seeing it. Did it hold up to the test of time? Were the matches as great as people remember? Enjoy a little walk down memory lane with a review of Wrestlemania X-Seven. 


The Lane Was FAST (Fastlane 2019)

Cody Kahne and ACO go over the final ride of The Shield as well as all the rest of the happening from the 2019 edition of annual holdover Fastlane and boy did it not disappoint this year. What did the guys think of this year's edition of the last stop before Wrestlemania? 


Kofi Kingston is a Living Legend (and the rest of Elimination Chamber)

Cody Kahne and Johnny Legacy sit down post-Elimination Chamber to discuss the show. There is so much more post-review too. Is Vince McMahon ribbing Jerry Jones? What? Listen to see what we're talking about. A lot of good thoughts and some good laughs. What were your thoughts?


The Royal Freakin’ Rumble!

Cody Kahne and ACO sit down for some Royal Rumble review and go over their thoughts for the matches and what the results might mean heading forward on the road to Wrestlemania. What did you think of the Royal Rumble show this year and the matches themselves? Did WWE get it right this time around? 


Takeover Phoenix Rises… Maybe

Cody Kahne, Johnny Legacy, and ACO sit down to discuss the happenings from nXt Takeover Phoenix and a little Royal Rumble preview. Which match did Cody think will possibly win Match of the Year (Already in 2019?) and which match did they think may have fallen flat? Take a listen and see if you agree with the reviews and the possibilities or the 2019 Royal Rumble card.